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test 2014-11-19
    Hangzhou kingrand glass bottle Co. Ltd.The main products are:Beer bottleWhite wine bottles, wine bottles, yellow,Brown bottleMedicine bottles, infusion bottles, food bottles,Olive oil、Beverage bottleAnd the nutrient solution bottles, perfume bottles, cream bottles, oil bottles all kinds of cosmetics bottles, bottle, glass crafts and bottle and so on more than 2000 varieties, and deep processing and fine design, production and products according to user needs processing, products not only meet the domestic demand, there are nearly 30% U.S. exports, Japan, and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions ...[With]
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750ml-500ml bottle
750ml-3 bottle
750ml-2 bottles
750-600ml bottle
750-375ml bottle
Coffee 600ml bottle
600ml-500ml bottle Admiralty
570ml 400ml bottle of coffee
500ml bottles of nutrient solution
500ml beer bottles
500ml oval lecythus
500ml bottle flat 2
500ml bottle flat
500ml, 250ml-1 bottle
500ml bottle flat
500ml 375ml six gold
500ml 250ml bottle
500ml 250ml flat lecythus
500ml-5 bottles
500ml-3 beer bottles
500ml-3 bottle
500ml-2 beer bottles
500ml-1 beer bottle
500ml-1 bottle (7)
500ml-1 bottle
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